Claire Cawley

Executive Director at UBS Asset Management

Class of 1997

After studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Finance in Trinity College Dublin, Claire joined Andersen, subsequently KPMG, and trained as a Chartered Accountant. Claire has held roles in a number of Financial Services firms since she started her career, including Citco, KB Associates, Mercer and now UBS Asset Management.

In her current role at UBS, Claire is responsible for the structuring, design, and implementation of Alternative Asset Management products for inclusion on the product shelf distributed across UBS' global wealth management, wholesale and institutional client base. She holds board positions on a number of UBS fund products in Ireland and is responsible for the management of key elements of the Alternatives product shelf in both EU and non-EU jurisdictions.

Her previous experience includes product management for investment firms, implementation of large scale compliance projects, consultancy services for the investment funds industry, fund accountancy and audit.      

Claire enjoys the wide variety of exposure to different parts of the UBS business that her job affords, and the close interaction with the investment team who manage the assets of the products.